Patient Success Stories

  • … the best condition my neck has been in 17 years …

    I just started seeing Cory for my neck pain from a motor vehicle accident years ago. I’ve seen other therapists and chiropractors with no improvement. After just 2 visits my neck is looser than it’s been in seemingly forever! My neurosurgeon says this is the best condition my neck has been in 17 years and to keep coming to Dr. Scott for as long as I need! I’ll tell everyone and anyone who will listen, that Cory is the man!


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  • … I am COMPLETELY pain free …

    I herniated a couple of discs in my low back while transferring a patient at work. As soon as I heard that Cory opened up his own practice, I made arrangements to get on his schedule ASAP! After 5 visits I am COMPLETELY pain free and am able to perform my job as a physical therapy assistant without any problems! I live in Navarre but clearly he was worth the trip. Thanks Dr. Cory, you’re a life saver!


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  • We’re able take our morning walks again …

    My wife was referred to Cory after having multiple back surgeries over the past several years. For years she could hardly stand with her walker and couldn’t walk more than a few steps at a time. It’s been 2 months since starting with Cory and now she stands up straight without using anything. We’re able take our morning walks again around the lake yard here in Defuniak Springs. God bless you Cory for giving me and my wife our lives back!


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  • He’s [Cory’s] the best!

    As a pediatrician, I trust Cory’s work and send all my kids as well as my own teenage sons in to see him.  He’s the best!


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  • I can get around and run errands like I need to

    I have metastatic cancer in my bones and suffer with excruciating hip pain. I’ve been working with Cory on and off for about 3 months and I can’t remember when I’ve felt this much relief. I can get around and run errands like I need to. I want to stay as independent and active for as long as I can and Cory has allowed me to do that! He is truly a Godsend!

    C. B.

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  • … blinding migraines … are almost non-existent …

    My mom sent me in to work with Dr. Cory. I’ve had blinding migraines for years to the point that I had to drop out of college for a while because the headaches were interfering with my studies. Since working with Cory my headaches are almost non-existent and when they do come, they don’t hurt nearly as bad! I’m back in school part-time and working towards my goals of now becoming a physical therapist! Thanks for everything.


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  • Shyla really listened … this was such a relief …

    Shyla really listened to me and worked with me to figure out why I was having so much pelvic pain and trouble functioning. This was such a relief after having lots of experience with medical practitioners who didn’t listen to me or made me feel like I was making up my symptoms.


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  • … after 5 visits, I’m doing much better

    Shyla, I came to you with “Hyperarousal disorder”—a sexual problem that few had heard of and could do next to nothing for…after 5 visits, I’m doing much better. Thank you so much for everything. You have saved me from total insanity!


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  • I feel normal again

    My urologist recommended that I see Shyla for after a string of failed surgical procedures & multiple medications to treat my incontinence. I worked with Shyla for a few months and am so overwhelmed by how much life has changed since working with her. I am so happy with my therapy. I feel normal again, and my life doesn’t revolve around bathrooms anymore. Thank you so much!


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  • … would recommend [Shyla] to anyone who is pregnant

    I started seeing Dr. Shyla during my 5th month of pregnancy for low back and pelvic bone pain. I have scoliosis and always dealt
    with this sort of pain. After just 4 visits, all my discomfort has been alleviated and after working with her for the past few weeks, I feel
    stronger than I’ve felt in years and I’m more than ready to have my first baby! Shyla is fantastic and would recommend her to anyone
    who is pregnant.


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  • I cannot say enough good things about Shyla

    I was in a tremendous amount of pain after having a grade 4 tear during the delivery of my first baby. After waiting 8 weeks to have sex, I found it excruciatingly painful. I went back to my ob/gyn who told me that my pain was most likely related to my breast feeding, and not to worry about it until a couple of months after I had finished. Another 10 months came and went, and sex had become so painful that it was impossible!

    When I went back to the ob/gyn office, the nurse midwife said that I had trigger points in my vaginal canal and referred me to Dr. Shyla Scott for pelvic floor therapy.

    Not only did Shyla make me feel like I wasn’t crazy for the first time in over a year, but she made a very awkward situation very doable (considering this is manual therapy to your privates). I never once felt embarrassed and her treatment approach is very cautious and gentle. Shyla really knows what she is doing and is WONDERFUL at it!

    I cannot say enough good things about Shyla and after being under her care, I’m able to have pain free sex again!!! I truly hope that any woman out there who was suffering like I was reads this and makes an appointment — ASAP!

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  • I really appreciate [Shyla’s] talent and training for dealing with mastectomy patients

    My general surgeon referred me to Shyla Scott at Primetime Physical Therapy for dealing with lymphedema in breast cancer. Shyla is specialized with the ability to break up and prevent scar tissue from forming in the post-operative breasts. After 5 visits, Shyla was able to break up my scar tissue and has also started working out the hard knots from my surgery. I really appreciate her talent and training for dealing with mastectomy patients. She has added to my hope for a more positive future and has helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    -F. H.

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